Concert 'Freedom for Grup Yorum'

Concert 'Freedom for Grup Yorum'

A Grup Yorum concert will take place on Saturday, February 2, 2019 from 3 pm in space 96 of Marignane. The duo Djampa and Barış Güney will go on stage to support the band.

Grup Yorum, one of the most popular music groups in Turkey, has been under pressure from the Turkish government for many years. Their musicians are imprisoned, their cultural center in Istanbul vandalized, their instruments destroyed.

A collective composed of singers and supporters of the group organizes concerts in order to obtain their release.
Grup Yorum was born in reaction to the 12 September 1980 military coup d'état in Turkey. This music group, created in Istanbul in 1985 by students, had the vocation "to be the voice of the land and peoples of Anatolia, where the band was born, with an infusion of revolutionary and socialist music." It quickly became the emblem of the opposition and the struggle of Rights and Freedoms.

As a result, since its creation, the group has been the victim of numerous pressures from the Turkish state. Even now, musicians are subjected to violent repression such as searches in the premises where they rehearse (Idil Kultur Merkezi in Istanbul), arrests and guards. Most of them have been tortured and crushed. Measures have even been taken to ensure that the members of the group are prohibited from travelling in the different states of the Schengen area.

And despite that, Grup Yorum released 26 albums in just over 30 years. He has given concerts in Turkey, but also in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Near East and Australia, some of which can reach almost a million spectators. Unfortunately, at the decision of the Turkish State, a large number of concerts could not take place in the country and today, one is trying to censor the band to Europe…

The concert on 2 February is organized in response to these repressions and in order to support Grup Yorum in its fight against the violent reprisals he is undergoing from the current regime.

Grup Yorum is the voice of the people, no one can silence it and no one can stop it from being heard…

Espace 96 - Rond-Point du Bricard - RN 568 - 13700 Marignane - Tel. : 06 05 72 73 34 - Facebook: @grupyorumfrance - Price: 15 euros.

Béatrice Taupin

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