'Freedom for all revolutionary prisoners'

'Freedom for all revolutionary prisoners'

On the 35th day of the captivity of the Lebanese revolutionary prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in France. On the evening of 18 October, a conference was held at Place Saint Sernin es la Bourse du Travail in Toulouse.

The conference called for freedom for all political prisoners, Palestinians and oppressed peoples under Georges ibrahim
Abdallah, who was imprisoned in France for 35 years.
The Collectif Palestine Vaincra demands freedom for all political prisoners under the revolutionary prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, who began on September 24 in Toulouse, France and ends on October 24.

The action included 120 people on the evening of 18 October
at 18:30 with a panel discussion entitled "It is necessary to get up in order to exist". Leila Khaled, member of the Palestinian People's Liberation Front (PFLP), Mustafa Awad, a former Palestinian prisoner and dancer, and Pierre Stambul, member of the Society of Jews in France (UJFP) for Peace, participated as speakers in the panel discussion.
Leila Khaled, a member of the PFLP, participated in the conference with a video presentation in which she drew attention to the importance of the struggle for Georges I. Abdallah and to the Zionist state of Israel and its collaborators. Laila called for the freedom of G.I. Abdallah and all political prisoners who have been honorably imprisoned in France for 35 years and declared that international solidarity was important for Palestinian independence and freedom.

After Leila, former Palestinian prisoner and dancer Mustafa Awad spoke and introduced himself. Although he was a Belgian citizen at the same time as a prisoner in Palestine, he stressed that the Belgian state had not taken any initiatives for him. He said he had no choice but to oppose torture and the imposition of cooperation.

Awad also informed about the situation of Palestinian prisoners, "to be imprisoned in Israel is subject to all forms of torture. The atrocities, torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners continue under all circumstances. 6 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike for 94 days today because the Israeli state is taking action against the imprisoned Palestinians. Palestinian prisoners need your support..." he said.

Mustafa Awad'an then gave the floor to UJFP member Pierre Stambul. Pierre Stambul stressed that they were responding
to the events in Palestine and that a large Jewish community like him was showing solidarity with the Palestinian people. "Jews who were persecuted during Nazi fascism should not remain silent in the face of these atrocities. When I dealt with this case, I was told: "A terrorist who defends terrorists". My father is also a "terrorist" who owns the Palestinians. I feel honored to be branded as a "terrorist" for the property of the Palestinian people. But the terrorist is imperialism itself. It is the United States itself..." he expressed his honour to own the cause of the Palestinian people and to be with them.
Pierre Stambul, Georges I. Abdallah's fight, said in relation to the fight that all political prisoners should be in possession.

The word was then given to comrades and representatives of the Popular Front (Halk Cephesi): "We bring you the greetings of Musa Asoglu, a revolutionary prisoner imprisoned in the Hamburg penitentiary. We greet Sefik Sarikaya, our revolutionary prisoner in Rouenne prison in France. We support the honourable struggle of the Palestinian people and support it. As our friend Mustafa has just said, prisoners in Palestine have been starving for 94 days to resist their honour. We welcome the Palestinian prisoners' resistance.

Members of Grup Yorum, the voice of the people against the oppression of the repressive fascist AKP government of Turkey, have been on hunger strike for 155 days, and a revolutionary prisoner named Mustafa Koc is on death row to get a righteous one before trial. Kezban, who wants justice for his daughter, is the 449th member of the main resistance. On this day, the Yuksel insurgents, who want to return to work for justice, have been fighting back for 1074 days. Likewise, Alev Sahin, who wants to get her job back, has been fighting back for 987 days.

The resistance continues and we will continue to defend ourselves. It is not a crime to be anti-imperialist! Being revolutionary is not a crime! We want freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdullah! We want freedom for Musa Asoglu!
We want freedom for the lawyers of the people imprisoned in Turkey and around the world. We want freedom for the Kurdish people. We want freedom for the Aramaic people!
We greet all peoples of the world who resist", he said.

The Collectif Palestine Vaincra includes dozens of institutions, including the Popular Front. The Popular Front opened a stand at the conference. So the Popular Front brought a stand about Musa Asoglu, the people's lawyers, the hunger strike of Grup Yorum, the death fast of Mustafa kocak by putting up posters on the agenda and held a statement in French.

The conference ended with a joint conversation in which the food brought by each institution was eaten.

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