14th day of hunger strike support in Nancy

For the past fourteen days in Nancy, France, some supporters have been on hunger strike in solidarity with the resistance of Grup Yorum, Helin Bölek and Ä°brahim Gökçek, the free prisoner Mustafa Koçak on indefinite hunger strike and the people's lawyers. The members of the Nancy Freedom Committee for 14 days have been inviting everyone to think about the action of the hunger strike to open their eyes, to make deaf ears listen and not let them die. Claiming with conviction that this resistance is also yours, Nancy Freedom Committee continues its solidarity action with the conviction that everyone can do something.

The members of the Nancy Freedom Committee, working in Nancy, began their hunger strike on March 8 with the people's lawyers to demand justice, the defence of their clients and the acceptance of the demands of Grup Yorum and Mustafa Kocak, a free prisoner. The members of the committee, who continue to support their hunger strike, did not allow themselves to be overwhelmed and intimidated by the Coronavirus that affects the whole world.

We met Habibe Zincir, who entered the 14th day of the support hunger strike on Saturday, March 21.

Habibe Zincir: “Hello, we are on the 14th day of our 15-day hunger strike to support the resistance of the members of our group who for 35 years have been telling people about the resistance of the oppressed people, Mustafa Koçak who has resisted to have a fair trial and lawyers who have tried to enforce the law for the people who have been persecuted. This morning I received a phone call from Mustafa Koçak's family. Mustafa's morale was very good. Mustafa asked his mother and father to go to the hospital to witness the brutality perpetrated on his body after the torture of the forced intervention. Mustafa's parents will complain about what the doctors did. Mustafa's mother will be the spokesperson for our people's demand! This is the request: all our people are invited to send an email or fax to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior to ask for an end to forced intervention and torture. Let us not forget that there is something that everyone can do as human beings against the torture applied to Mustafa Koçak today. Here in Nancy we show our solidarity with our 15-day hunger strike. Of course, we will continue our solidarity actions after this hunger strike. We ask all our people to protect the honourable members of our people and to support their actions.”


Dogan Presse Agence