AKP government and it's police forces continue to commit crimes...

AKP government and it's police forces continue to commit crimes against political opposition and the people!



The last months were full of hundreds of attacks and mass arrests towards the political, democratical opposition, among others the progressive lawyers, artists, public workers, deputies, local politicians, engineers, journalists and activists.

Torture crimes, political murder, attacks on the workers who demand their rights can be witnessed on a daily basis...  while on the other hand there is impunity and acquittal for the police officers who committed human crimes, in order to signalize that they could go on with their violence against all critical voices of the people.
This morning, the AKP sent out its troops to attack and terrorize another neighborhood of Istanbul, Armutlu.
It is one of the places, where a lot of determined resistances took place in the last decades, where peoples opened their houses for hunger strikers resisting for their most basic rights against fascist rule.

This morning the house in Armutlu, in which Aytac is under treatment was raided and devastated by special police forces.

Their pretext for search was that there could be suspicious persons in the house. When Aytac said, what are you doing, you can't enter like this, I'm ill. the police chief said ironically  "I know you are ill, please put on your mask". Tens of police entered the house and destroyed everything inside after entering by force with a hammerhead.
The police directed a long barreled weapon to Aytac Ünsal's head.

In the neighbourhood, including Alevite's House (Cemevi) 30 houses were raided and 6 People detained, among those also Ferhat Gercek, a young man who was disabled after being shot in his back by the police. He is wheelchair-bound since the age of 17.

This massive attacks by the government in Turkey are nothing else but their fear from societal uprisings due to ongoing injustice and state crimes.
Early this year, 2 lawyers of CHD and the People's Law Bureau, as well as 2 artists from the socialist band Grup Yorum began with a death fast after all their legal and political protests and appeals against unfair trials and repression remained unresponded.

Singer Helin Bölek, the bass guitarist Ibrahim Gökcek as well as lawyer Ebru Timtik lost their lives in this hunger protest - along with Mustafa Kocak who was sent to prison and sentenced to life imprisonment without proof.
The AKP government was shaken by this resistance that turned out to become a global cry for justice and united people in dozens of countries around the world raising solidarity.
It wants to be sure that all the forces and institutions who are able to create such an echo are silenced before the next big societal rebellion approaches the gates of the "saray" (palace) in Ankara.

Recently, there are many thousands of political prisoners in Turkey, and in the last period there have been more arrests than ever in the history of the country, while it can be seen that gangsters, criminals, rapers, extremists and killers leave the prison walls and have close links by government officials.

Freedom for the political prisoners!

Freedom for the Lawyers and Artists of the People!
Down with Repression and State Violence!
The names of Helin, Ibrahim, Mustafa and Ebru can't be erased from the pages of history, their struggle continues!

Austrian Solidarity Committee with Political Prisoners and Arrested Lawyers in Turkey